Copyright Policy


Copyright serves as a vital legal shield, safeguarding the rights of authors in their literary and artistic creations. The value of these rights is substantial, making any unauthorized use potentially costly for the infringing party.

In the digital age, particularly on the Internet, copyright infringement is prevalent, impacting websites, online shops, and social media platforms. One common form is the unauthorized use of images, often leading to damages for the original creators, particularly photographers or image designers.

At Countesszoltowska, we prioritize diligence in verifying usage rights before incorporating works from third parties, especially those not under contractual agreements. Our commitment is to prevent inadvertent copyright infringements.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Copyright Compliance:

  1. Free Images: We responsibly use images and photos only when explicit permission for free commercial use is indicated.

  2. Author Recognition: Even with free commercial use, we consistently credit the author by prominently displaying the name of the photographer or designer under the respective image, ensuring transparent acknowledgment of the creator.

  3. Documentation of Permissions: To uphold transparency and legality, we meticulously save the link or take screenshots where free commercial use of an image is expressly granted, serving as a documented record of permissions.

  4. Purchase of Images: In instances where free commercial use is not available (e.g., Adobe Stock), we conscientiously buy images and retain invoices as tangible proof of legitimate acquisition.

Handling Unintentional Infringements: Despite our rigorous efforts, unintentional copyright infringements may occur. In such cases, we promptly rectify the situation by removing all associated products, compensating the author with a retrospective fee, and duly crediting their work.

Honoring the Value of Copyrights: We recognize copyrights as paramount assets for every author. As custodians of creative content, our utmost dedication is to minimize the risk of copyright infringement and champion the protection of works and the rights of their esteemed authors. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; it reflects our deep respect for intellectual property rights in the dynamic digital landscape.

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