Countess Cis Zoltowska is an internationally-known artist, creator, painter, and fascinating woman who has spent her most unusual life designing jewelry, clothing, and unique home furnishings. Her vivid imagination, brave use of color, joie de vivre, and attention to fine detail come to life in her numerous paintings of acrylic on acetate, canvas, Lucite, and silk, covering an unusually wide range of subject matter and styles.

This petite woman standing 4’10” tall, her jet black hair often adorned with a flower, Cissy wows you with the vibrant colors she so bravely and elegantly wears. She loves to display what seems like more than her body weight in jewelry and sharp accessories, and she amazes each new friend with sharpness of her mind, her stories and her wit.

Cissy was born in Austria where she grew up in a castle. Forced during World War II to relocate and work for a living, she moved to Switzerland, where she married an elegant but impoverished Polish Count, and began making ceramic jewelry which sold well. In 1951 she moved to Paris, and her jewelry designs caught the attention of many couturiers including Ballenciaga, Jacques Fath, and James Galanos, to name a few. She designed jewelry and dresses for wealthy clients. Her client list drips with loyalty. She was also very involved with designing costumes and jewelry for Paris theaters. Her yen for drama and fantasy is strongly felt in many of her paintings ands home furnishings.
During the 15 years that Cissy lived and worked in Paris, she began visiting Thailand each year. There she designed silk dresses for the European women so that she could afford to spend 4 months out of each year in the Orient, which exerted a strong influence on her life and art. She would collect silk and semi-precious stones in Thailand.

Her apartments in Paris were centers of artistic, culinary, and musical excitement. Her passions for collecting, decorating, and entertaining were natural extensions of her life as a creative artist, and she was always full of fun, original ideas for arranging food, dazzling guests and creating a festive atmosphere for her friends. It did not hurt that she spoke 6 languages, loved culture and sports, had trained horses as a teenager, had traveled widely, an d loved people.

Cissy’s great success in the Paris scene was reflected by her frequent appearance on the covers of Vogue, Paris Match, and Harper‘s Bazaar, to name a few. Her creations were exported from France to New York deparment stores, so that when she began to visit and eventually move to the U.S. in 1967, her reputation as a creative artist and designer had preceeded her.

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